Risk Management

Risk ManagementIn a few words, to ensure accurate, timely and 100%-dedicated completion of a sometimes complicated process. The risk of errors and time lost from an otherwise fully tasked office administrative staff is too great not to consider entrusting the credentialing process to experts.

Personal Approach

Personal ApproachThe Principal Member (owner) of the LLC has 16 years of medical and business operations experience, with expertise in the credentialing process. You will have direct communication with her and her staff throughout the process. Our personal approach is a competitive differentiator; our application by application pricing is both consistent and competitive.


Quality Potomac Medical Credentialing guarantees that no application will be rejected as a result of procedural or administrative errors. Time is of the essence for both the Doctor and Potomac Medical Credentialing – both parties are mutually invested in the same rapid and anticipated outcome.

Our Address

P.O. Box 635, Ashburn, VA 20147
Phone: (703) 994-6655
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Website: http://www.physcred.com
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Potomac Medical Credentialing offers a dedicated, industry-experienced administrative service but stops short of making any legal representations or commitments; we are not a Law Firm